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Home Spun, 2005. Recycled wood, plywood, studs, construction mesh, cardboard. Approximately 11' x 9' x 21'.
This installation was created for the 2005 Annual at the Decordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA.

From the catalog: Nadya Volicer creates site-specific installations in public spaces by inserting complex structures formed of found wood scraps directly into existing architectural conditions. In this way she both deconstructs and re-imagines the places, functions, and perceptual experiences dictated by architects whose work is in turn circumscribed by the exigencies of building for public accommodation. Here at DeCordova Museum, Volicer has transformed a hallway gallery into a whirling vortex. She makes the static monochrome planes of the wall/ceiling/floor fluid and colorful, pulsing with life, as a wooden wave of architectural debris crashes over and around viewers who literally walk through the installation. Also, given the gradual transition of the installation from two to three dimensions, its flat areas of color, and its jigsaw composition, Home Spun deftly combines the traditionally disassociated media of painting, sculpture, collage, and architecture.
- Nick Capasso, Curator

I collect scraps of wood left over from our surroundings, my eyes always scanning city and suburban trash piles, renovation dumpsters, and the basements of friends and neighbors. My favorite finds are large caches of old painted planks in outdated blues or greens or pinks. Some of the pieces in this installation have appeared in as many as seven previous installations. Others are just now making their debut. These castoffs of our surroundings here surround us.
- Nadya Volicer