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Brain Storm, 2009. Scrap fabric, wood and recycled paper. Dimensions variable (approx. 11' x 17' x 19').
This installation was created for the Dr. Kenneth Germeshausen Art ExperienCenter at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA.

“Brain Storm” is an immersive environment inspired by, and suggestive of, the creative process.  Using nature as a metaphor, this work asks the viewer to step into the moment of inspiration.  Entering this installation is like walking into the middle of an idea just before it sweeps you off your feet.  Various stages of creativity are intimated in the solidity of the central tree, the rings of history in the truncated, moveable stumps, the excited flurry of the whirlpool circling the room, the waves of grass pushing up through the ground.  In this work, the process of art making mirrors the regenerating growth of nature, from seed to leaf to seed.  This posits art making as a continuous practice of one idea germinating the next, on an individual basis and throughout the history of art.  Further implication of this installation, as in much of my recent work, is the thoughtless cast off of materials such as paper, and nature neglected in the process.

Very special thanks to the following for generous contributions of time and materials: Anonymous member, Z Behl, Danielle Bejerano, Zuzka Blasi, deCordova staff, Laurie Gianotti, Jamie Horgan, Stephanie Ignazio, Josephine Liang, Katie Loesel, Erica Mason, Benjamin Nash, Northeast Flooring America, Tyler Patterson, Marika and Doug Scott, Lisa Silagyi, Penelope Taylor, Jessi Turner, Beverly Volicer, Ann Woods, Barbara Zeles